UX design & consultancy

We build empathy with our client's audiences and involve them in the design process. This enables us to validate our thinking and produce the best products.

We can do this as a discrete project, to discover more about users, or to work out the best strategy for your product or service. On other occasions, it's to perform some specific tasks as part of a project team.

Skills & Services.

User research

We use surveys or semi-structured interviews to build empathy with audiences.

Information architecture

Planning out the structure, content and functionality needed in a website. The blueprint for any web project.

Sketching & Wireframing

Collaboratively sketching ideas for pages designs, and refining them into wireframes and clickable prototypes.


We're expert at creating prototypes to test and refine ideas with real users. Ben even wrote a book about it.

Usability testing

Testing existing websites with real users to validate designs, in person or remotely.

UX reviews

Performing an in-depth review of a product or service from a UX perspective.

Product strategy

Helping you to work out the best strategy for your product or service.

Workshop facilitation

Designing workshops to solve specific problems with diverse teams.

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Designing UX: Prototyping

It's well known that identifying and fixing problems in design is easier and cheaper if it can be done earlier in the process of design and build. That's because as the fidelity of the project we're working on increases, the effort involved in making changes increases. If we can test out early ideas to see if they work, in small chunks, then we can identify whether those ideas are going to work. To do this, we need to build prototypes.

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